Bamboo Cutting Boards

Our customers asked and we listened.  We were asked if we would offer Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards (which when engraved, the graphics have a greater variance between light and dark) giving them a more rustic look, that many desire.

We now offer Laser Engraved 9" x 13" Bamboo Cutting Boards to our product line, using the same artistic and personalized engraved graphics, as our Solid Hard Maple Cutting Boards

The Bamboo boards come in  9" x 13" and are also treated with "Tried & True" food safe polymerized linseed oil, to keep the board from absorbing moisture and cracking.

Although we have our current line of graphics, we will also custom engrave any graphics that you supply.

Please Note: Due to the difference in wood properties between Bamboo and Hard Maple, graphics engraved on the Bamboo Boards, have a greater light and dark engraving variance, and often uneven compared to Hard Maple Boards. The variance may also differ between each Bamboo Board. For many who asked, this is the desired appearance.