Floral Elegance Laser Cut Box

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Perfect box to be used as a decorative table accent box or to hold small keepsakes. The elegant, decorative floral pattern, cut sides of the box allow a glimpse of the box contents. The lid has an insert (available in 4 colours) that shows off the beautiful design of the laser cut pattern on the light wood against the colour of the insert under it.

  •  6 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 2.25 inches high,  laser cut decorative box
  •  Cut out of 1/8 inch clear finished, Baltic Birch 
    • Made in our Melancthon, ON Canada shop using North American sourced materials
    • Finished, Assembled Box has Lid insert color options: 
    1. Natural colour on both sides
    2. Lavender on top and Natural colour on bottom
    3. Robin egg blue on top and Natural colour on bottom
    4. Brown stained on top and Natural colour on bottom
    Assembled, finished box                         $50.25 plus H.S.T.