Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards - 9" x 13"

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Upgrade your kitchen experience with one of these rustic looking laser-engraved 9" x 13" bamboo cutting boards! Not only are they perfect for prepping all your ingredients, but they also look super chic, making them a *cutting-edge* addition to any modern cook's toolbox. With this board by your side, you'll be ready to slice and dice like a pro!

  • Each board is treated with "Tried and True", a food grade polymerized linseed oil  to protect your board from moisture absorption and prevention of splitting. Cutting boards are not suitable for the dishwasher. Hand wash only.
  • They are available in the same graphics that we use on our Hard Maple Cutting / Cheese Boards, plus an option to have your own design engraved.


  • "Seasoned with Love" - Personalized with family name, within the "Seasoned With Love" graphics leaving the other side plain 
  • "Cooking Temperatures" - Engraved with meat and fish cooking temperatures on one side leaving the other side plain
  • "Kitchen Conversions" Engraved with Imperial and Metric measurement conversions on one side leaving the other side plain
  • "Personalized" with Graphics supplied by you - upload your file and we will engrave it on your board