Laser Engraved Pet Photo Christmas Ornament

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Let's face it, our pets are family members. Capture on a Christmas ornament, a photo of a cherished pet.

  • Each photo Christmas ornament is 4 inches wide x 4 - 1/2" tall (including the stem) and 1/4" thick
  • Made from 2 layers of 1/8" Baltic Birch
  • Detailed paw print graphic border frame (choice 3 different colours), surround the cropped circular photo of your pet
  • Photo is engraved on 1/8" clear finished  Baltic Birch
  • Personalized text to be put on the back of the ornament is included in the price
  • Each ornament comes ready to hang with oatmeal coloured Raffia twine hanger
  • Made in our Melancthon, ON Canada shop using North American sourced materials
  • packaged and ready for shipping or pick up from our Melancthon, ON location
  • Price for each ornament is: $20.00


Notes regarding photo engraving:

Not all photographs will engrave well so it is best to submit 2 photos. We will choose the most suitable for engraving.

  • Low resolution photographs (under 300 DPI) will appear to be grainy and pixelated, so try to send photos with at least 300 DPI. In many cases that is not possible so we will work with what you submit. (The photos in our samples were taken on camera phones with low DPIs and although pixelated, capture the memory of the cherished pet well.)

  • Photos will be cropped in a circle, which will primarily focus on the pet's face.

  • Photos with areas of higher contrasts (light and dark areas) generally engrave well.
  • After you have received your order, we will delete your photo and any copies made.